Improving  Farm Incomes &
Environmental Outcomes

A Farm Conservation Service Program serving Illinois, Nebraska and Kentucky


PCM Farmers recieve ongoing one-on-one consultations with conservation experts in their region to identify the best opportunities for their farm.


PCM Supply Chain Partnerships create a financial advantage for farmers who use regenerative farming practices.


The Farmer Portal collects aggregated, anonymized farm data to demonstrate the financial and environmental impact of conservation practices.

Supporting Farmer Efforts to adopt Conservation Best Practices


PCM is a farmer-driven effort addressing natural resource concerns on a field-by-field basis. We are here to identify conservation practices that effectively address environmental issues without risking the farmers’ bottom line –  to apply financial analysis to conservation adoption.

Our tools make it easy for farmers to make decisions based on sustainability insights and best farm business management principals.

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When conservation practices are built on reliable data & economic projections, we create a win-win-win for farmers, the supply chain, & the environment.

How does PCM work?

When you join PCM, your dedicated Specialist will work with you to make enrollment, data collection, and navigating incentive programs easy. 

PCM – Growing Stronger Every Day





We Approach Conservation
From The Perspective of the Midwest Farmer

PCM strives to benefit the farmer, the environment, and local communities

Our Vision

PCM’s primary goal is to assist farmers in their efforts to make economically viable conservation decisions, based on real-life, unbiased farmer data.

We also believe in bringing supply chain support to farmers who want to improve conservation practices, reducing financial risk when adopting regenerative farming practices. We leverage the global sustainability movement by partnering companies striving for greener products with the farmers growing them, and encouraging a mindset of shared responsibility across the entire supply chain.

Latest News

More Than Two Tillage Passes is Never Most Profitable According to New Data

According to PCM data, the most profitable acres by tillage class were one-pass light tillage for corn and no-till for soybeans.

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Financial & Environmental Impact of Conservation Practices

This webinar reviews data from the latest PCM data publication as well as the goals and offerings of PCM.

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2024 PCM Data Book Released

This report highlights data gleaned from farmers in Illinois regarding the financial, agronomic, and environmental impact of in-field conservation practices.

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Dr. Laura Gentry

Director of Water Quality Science, IL Corn

We are grateful to all the PCM farmers who agree to let us use their data to help other farmers – to learn from your successes and mistakes, and for helping PCM make all of Midwest agriculture better, more profitable & more sustainable.

We appreciate your willingness to help fellow farmers even when you know they are your competitors. It is this sense of community and camaraderie that embodies the spirit of the American farmer.

Greg Goodwin

Director of PCM

To truly utilize the economic benefit of conservation practices, you must suspend the belief that highter corn yields equal increased profitability. As a farmer organization, we believe this quest for highter yields has been “baked ” into farmers’ psyches for generations.

We’d like to challenge our farmers to consider that obtaining high yields, and the higher input costs that goal often requires, may not be the best economic or conservation model for Illinois farms and Illinois farm families.

Dirk Rice


Between now and 2025, we all have to do something different on each acre to achieve the goals of the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy.

We can’t do what we’ve always done and avoid negative publicity or difficult regulations like we see in surrounding states.

I use PCM to help inform the decisions I’m making on each acre to make sure my farm is profitable. It’s been a valuable tool for me.