Managing Risks with Cover Crops

Managing Risks with Cover Crops

PCM will be releasing a new cover crop guidebook this March in the Prairie Farmer Magazine. For this booklet, we compiled data and personal experiences of the most profitable PCM farmers using cover crops in order to share insights with farmers new to the conservation practice.

This guidebook titled Managing Risks with Cover Crops aims to help farmers understand how to use cover crops without sacrificing profitability. Through data and interviews, the information in this guidebook covers:

  1. Key factors to maintaining profitability when implementing cover crops
  2. Cover crop species selection
  3. Recommended starter programs for farmers new to cover crops
  4. Budgets and potential income from programs like PCM, EQIP, and carbon markets

View a digital copy of PCM’s Managing Risks with Cover Crops here.

A Farmdoc webinar detailing data and insights from the new cover crop guide was held on April 4, 2024. View the recording the webinar here: