More Than Two Tillage Passes is Never Most Profitable According to New Data

According to PCM data, the most profitable acres by tillage class were one-pass light tillage for corn and no-till for soybeans.

Financial & Environmental Impact of Conservation Practices

This webinar reviews data from the latest PCM data publication as well as the goals and offerings of PCM.

2024 PCM Data Book Released

This report highlights data gleaned from farmers in Illinois regarding the financial, agronomic, and environmental impact of in-field conservation practices.

New PCM Region in Nebraska!

Support for farm conservation is expanding to a new region in Nebraska with support from Farmers for Soil Health Climate Smart Commodities Partnership.

PCM Represents Farmer Voices on Regenerative Ag Panel

PCM shared challenges farmers face when undergoing a practice change with supply chain businesses who have a vested interest in regenerative agriculture.

Managing Risks with Cover Crops

This guidebook titled Managing Risks with Cover Crops aims to help farmers understand how to use cover crops without sacrificing profitability.

Precision Conservation Management Included in World Economic Forum 100 Million Farmers Initiative

PCM shared Midwest farmer perspectives with the World Economic Forum for their 100 Million Farmers Initiative as they work to shape the future of food and water systems.

Precision Conservation Management Included in Climate-Smart Commodities Grant

PCM will leverage funds from this grant to offer an incentive to farmers for cover crops, reduced-till, no-till, strip-till, or reduction in nitrogen use.

Farmers for Soil Health Provides Payments for Cover Crops Planted This Fall

Fields planted to cover crops for the first time in Fall 2023 are eligible for a three-year contract payment.

Stewart Receives Randy Stauffer Stewardship Award from PCM

Jean Stewart received the Randy Stauffer Stewardship Award, recognizing his farm conservation work through the Precision Conservation Management (PCM) program.