Gothenburg Nebraska Region


PCM Specialist
Darren Cudaback serves the Gothenburg Nebraska Region

From cost-share opportunities to the latest farm conservation technology, Darren is ready to help you bring regenerative practices and data-driven business management to your farm. Reach out today to get started!

Darren Cudaback

Darren has been helping producers face-to-face in the agriculture field for 27 years. The first 25 years were in the grain marketing side of the business in central Nebraska. Darren made the jump to the agronomy and conservation side of the business two years ago with PCM.

Darren hopes to continue helping producers in any way that he can. The cost share programs for producers is relatively new and he wants to provide the best service and information in that field. Darren is more than happy to provide the leg work that some of these programs require.

Darren and his wife, Kelly, live in Gibbon Nebraska. They enjoy spending time with their kids and grandchildren who all live in Lincoln Nebraska.