NEW PepsiCo Incentive Payment Program

  • Each field can have 2 years of “New” cover crops. One before corn and one before soybeans.
  • To be eligible for the MRTN insurance buy-up, you must:
    • Have 3 years of data in the PCM Portal and an annual average nitrogen rate at least 10% above MRTN
    • Have EVERY corn acre enrolled into PCM to find annual average and for tracking
    • Demonstrate that additional crop insurance coverage was purchased over previous years
    • Apply the MRTN rate on every corn acre
  • There is no cap on number of acres per farmer
  • All acres submitted for incentive payment must be enrolled into PCM
  • Farmer cannot be participating in any other carbon/ecosystem service market or claims system for acres in this program
  • Carbon assets generated from participation in this program are being claimed by PepsiCo

Receive payments for new and/or old conservation practice and are all available to all Illinois PCM regions.

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