PCM Welcomes Greg Goodwin as the Director

PCM Welcomes Greg Goodwin as the Director

Greg Goodwin will be joining the PCM team to take on the role of Director. Greg has an extensive background in helping farmers and environmentalists understand how agricultural chemicals can impact our environment. He holds an M.S. in Agricultural Engineering focused in Soil and Water Resources from UIUC.  Greg will direct and oversee the PCM program which includes overseeing daily operations, business development, grant reporting, budget analysis and more.

Greg grew up on a small family-owned farm in Crawford County, IL. When asked what he loves about farming he answered with, “I love farming because of how foundational it is to everything we enjoy as a modern society. When I stop to think about everything humanity has been able to accomplish due to stability and abundance of our food supply by way of modern agriculture, I am truly amazed. While I am not an active farmer, growing up and working summers on my family’s farm helped me appreciate and respect where our food comes from, and those who produce it. I am grateful and honored to have the privilege to work on the issues and challenges that face this industry and support the individuals who grow our food.”

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling domestically and abroad with his wife, and all kinds of outdoor activities including hiking, snow and water skiing. He also loves attending live sporting events and rooting for the Fighting Illini. And last but certainly not least, he is currently spending most of his spare time preparing to become a dad.

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