A Farmer’s Guide to Nitrogen & Profitability

A Farmer’s Guide to Nitrogen & Profitability

Farmdoc Webinar by Emerson Nafziger and Laura Gentry

MRTN has predicted the most profitable nitrogen rate range for years. Learn more about what the MRTN is, how it is calculated, and tools for implementing the most profitable rates on your farm. View the full webinar here.

What is MRTN?

MRTN stands for Maximum Return To Nitrogen. It is calculated based on several factors including N response data, price of corn, price of fertilizer, and geographical region.

Thanks to NREC and IFCA, Illinois has the best N Trial Database in the U.S.


Old yield-based nitrogen rate prediction simply were not accurate. Data shows a plateau at a certain N rate. Additionally, yield and N rate were not correlated across several trials.

The MRTN was created to create a more reliable way to predict the most profitable fertilzer rates for farmers.

Find Your MRTN Rate

If you want to understand how the formula works, watch the full webinar here. You can also use this calculator tool to enter your region and current prices to see what N rate would be best for your farm today: https://www.cornnratecalc.org/

Get Paid to Reduce Your N Rate

PCM farmers are eligible to receive $250 per field to install N strip trials (24 rows total) testing the MRTN fertilizer rate against their traditional N rate. In addition to the monetary payment, farmers receive an individualized report demonstrating crop yield and profitability differences between their traditional N fertilizer rate and the MRTN strip trials.

Additionally, PepsiCo and Walmart have partnered with PCM to create an incentive program to adopt certain conservation practices – including reduced nitrogen rates.

Reach to to your PCM Specialist to inquire about getting enrolled! There is no cost to join – in fact, our goal is to save you money or event get you paid through available programs!

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