What’s in a RAAP Report?

What’s in a RAAP Report?

Resource Analysis & Assesment Plan

Every February/March, PCM Specialists deliver individualized RAAP Reports to enrolled farmers in their region. These reports cover several topics, including the previous crop year’s data, financial analysis, and recommendations from agronomy and conservation experts.

Watch an in-depth break down of a PCM RAAP Report here.

What’s in a RAAP?

  1. Programs and Opportunities (Exclusive PCM offerings AND other programs available)
  2. Local Resource Concerns – Updates on NLRS Strategy, lastest on regulatory talk and conservation policy
  3. Data Security Review – Outside of these individual RAAP reports, farmer data is aggregated and anonymized.
  4. Summary of Farm Data
  5. Field-Specific Data
  6. MRTN Rate Comparison
  7. Field-to-Market Sustainability Metrics
  8. Financial Analysis – By crop, By practice
  9. Individual Field Pages (field-by-field comparisons, historical comparisons)

What do farmers think of the RAAP?

More than 90% of PCM farmers surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that their RAAP Report was:

  • Communicated clearly
  • Relavent to their farm
  • Easy to apply

More than 95% of farmers agreed that they learned something new from this report, and indicated that they plan to enroll in PCM for another year.

Interested in getting an annual RAAP Report for your farm? Find your specialist and reach out to enroll in PCM today!