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New PCM Region in Nebraska!

Support for farm conservation is expanding to a new region in Nebraska with support from Farmers for Soil Health Climate Smart Commodities Partnership.

PCM Represents Farmer Voices on Regenerative Ag Panel

PCM shared challenges farmers face when undergoing a practice change with supply chain businesses who have a vested interest in regenerative agriculture.

Precision Conservation Management Included in Climate-Smart Commodities Grant

PCM will leverage funds from this grant to offer an incentive to farmers for cover crops, reduced-till, no-till, strip-till, or reduction in nitrogen use.

Farmers for Soil Health Provides Payments for Cover Crops Planted This Fall

Fields planted to cover crops for the first time in Fall 2023 are eligible for a three-year contract payment.

What’s in a RAAP Report?

PCM farmers recieve an annual report from their PCM Specilaist with an in-depth look at individual farm management decisions and their impact on farm sustainability and economics.

How To Successfully Use Cover Crops

Protect and nourish your topsoil with cover crops using these methods for success.

Navigating Carbon Markets: Opportunities and Strategies

Introduction to the concept of carbon markets, how they work, and the potential benefits they hold for your farm.

PepsiCo and Walmart Join Forces to Champion Regenerative Agricultural Practices

Collaboration Aims to Lower Carbon Emissions while Providing Direct Farmer Support

How Conservation Can Pay For Itself

Article Published by Farm Progress. June 15, 2020. Written by Austin Keating. Data from Precision Conservation Management helps farmers like Adam Brown determine return on investment for conservation practices before making the switch. Austin Keating – FarmProgress.com Adam Brown wasn’t sure about cutting back fertilizer on his family’s 1,000-acre farm in Decatur, Ill. Without local…
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